Long-Term Care Insurance– if we build it, will they come?  Real progress rarely moves along without encountering some real challenges. For the Long Term Care Insurance Industry, the “Pace is Picking Up”.  The key ingredients for our industry to be successful are in place – established and committed carriers, experienced staffs, stabilizing premiums, expansion of partnership programs and combination products, and favorable demographics.  However, the challenges to increased sales and distribution remain at the forefront, for an industry experiencing some unfavorable press and a regulatory environment that tends to put the industry on the defensive.
Our real challenge is to ascertain how we can recapture forward momentum and achieve new business success. As the pace picks up, our industry will also create a more favorable picture of this important product by joining in educational campaigns and working with regulators through industry lobbies and organizations. In order to do this, the Eighth Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference will provide the forum to address the questions and challenges that need our focused attention. For example: How can the process of selling and enrolling those interested in Long-Term Care Insurance be improved?  How can risk management and company reputation both be maximized?  Have premium levels finally reached the appropriate risk/return balance?  What is the industry mindset around the need for premium increases?  Will long-term care insurance become the “must have” or “should have” benefit in 2008? 
The 2008 ILTCI Conference will bring together the industry’s leading talent to address the many elements critical to responding and assuring that the Pace - continues to - Pick Up.  For many carriers, sales are trending up again, and Long Term Care Distribution teams are working to leverage their evolving expertise towards the improvement of processes and profitability.  We hope that you will join us and actively participate as we focus on these issues and challenges, through the varied viewpoints, expertise, and live polling sessions offered in our ten track lineup, We know you will also enjoy the networking opportunity always integral to the ILTCI’s annual conference.

Regular registration is only $895.  (Sponsoring organization discount is $100 less).