at the Sheraton New Orleans - March 14th-17th

Well, our industry is not the only takes dedication and perseverance to prevail in this political and economic environment. And, a willingness to change and adapt...


While each track will continue to offer some “Specialty” sessions on topics relevant to the focus of that particular track, this year’s schedule has been modified in order to accommodate “Collaborative” sessions.  This will allow for attendees and presenters to hear issues and viewpoints on the same topic from different angles.  Expect more lively debates, especially in the live polling sessions, as well as a broadening of viewpoints on all sides!  Be sure to register early as these sessions will be packed!

The CEO Roundtable will be moving to a new time and place... Tuesday, late afternoon.  An interactive live polling session, we expect some issues that surface during the Track sessions to be brought to the CEOs and... expect CEOs to ask for feedback from session attendees.  

Also, we have made room for an SOA Think Tank on Wednesday (attendance will be by invitation only)... change is best served by new ideas!

We hope you will participate in person, or through a donation to the New Orleans’ Community Charity Event. We hope this city, famous for a fun atmosphere and local color will benefit from our support of their recovery efforts.

Back by Popular Demand…

Scholarship Program: take advantage of this opportunity to expand someone’s horizons and education.
Networking Opportunities: where policymakers, home office wizards, and technical gurus mix with risk management and sales greats in our industry.
Special room rates of $119 per night are only guaranteed to be available until
February 26th.

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