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Hoping to prepare a dynamic future for LTCI, this year’s ILTCI conference is looking to craft its  blueprint.  Long term care insurance has always been based on the Realities of Now, the  Power of a Promise, and the Belief in a Positive Future. For its 12th conference, the ILTCI is  creating a medium where that future will be brought into present-day dialogue and possibility.  Our 2012 conference will explode with ideas forged through the expansive and creative  energy of our participants from policy makers, regulators, insurance professionals, and  providers.  This year the invitations have been sent to the intellectual and practical people that  propel today’s long term care ingenuity – in product design, in technology, and in the  environment in which we work.  Using its classic format of superb educational sessions and free-wheeling networking in the  Exhibit Hall, the conference will kick off its commitment to excellence with insight from invited  keynote David Smith, chief executive of Global Futures and Foresight. An internationally  recognized futurologist, his views are informed by more than 9,000 worldwide experts and  business leaders known to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ visions, strategies, products and  services. This year’s organizing committee focused on the future and recruited the best and  the brightest to produce material teeming with technical expertise and hands-on experience  that will provide insight into future technologies and their impact on what we do.   Substantial discounts are available this year off the standard registration fee for first time attendees and those who are in field sales. •  Great meals on conference days – Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Reception •  Eight sessions per Educational Track •  Time for Networking, Connecting and Learning •  Meet and Greet your Colleagues 2012 Diamond Sponsors