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Presentations Links Please use the links below to access PDF versions of this year’s session presentations. 01 Current Alternatives - Short Term Care/Combination Products  02 Hot Topics Dialogue with Providers  03 Claims Among Younger Insureds  04 Build vs. Buy   05 Litipedia: How Recent Trends in LTC Litigation are Changing the Face of Risk  06 Feder and Warshawsky: Long-Term Care Financing Perspectives and Solutions  07 LTCi as a $1M Ancillary Business  08 Palliative Considerations in Late Stage Chronic Illness  09 Advanced Actuarial Topics  10 Organic or Non-Organic? – An Update of Mental/Nervous Disorders  11 Accounting:  Rewrite of Rules of the Road (IFRS/FASB)  12 Privacy Requirements and Risks: A Proactive Approach  13 There’s Room in the Tent: Clarifying Traditional LTCi/Hybrid Product Roles  14 Smart Networking….Attract a Following in Person and Online  15 Middle Market Success Stories  16 How to Measure LTCi Volatility and Design Less-Risky Products 17 What’s the Right Time and Place for an Alternate Plan of Care?  18 LTC Automation: Gains, Glitches, Going Forward  19 The Rise of Technology: Impact of Data Aggregation & Analysis on LTC Insurers  20 Incremental Visualization - LTC Product Innovation in Minnesota  21 The Growing LTC Spectrum  22 Short-term Planning for LTC  23 Rate Increase Topics - Survey 24 Using Claim Data for Business Benefit - Survey 25 LTC Customer Service for the 21st Century  26 Watch Out! Protect Your Company from LTC Insurance Fraud  27 A simple, non-intrusive referral program using any social media platform  28 Aging and Community Redefined with an Eye Toward the Future  29 International Market  30 Morbidity Improvement and More Good Stuff  31 Provider Eligibility  32 Applications for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Big Data  33 The Interstate Compact – Your Path to Approval Across the States  34 Home Equity Release Products  35 Field Underwriting – The Road to the Final Four 36 Squaring the Circle: The American Long Term Care Insurance Program  37 Managed Medicaid - Understanding the Basics from an Industry Leader  38 Opposing Opinions or on the Same Page  39 Key Tools of Organizational Change Management  40 Premium Rate Increases and Pricing Issues  41 Price Sensitivity in LTC Insurance  42 The Technology Evolution (or lack thereof) in the LTC Insurance Industry  43 Actuarial Open Mic Future of the Industry -- Marc Cohen -- Tom McInerney -- Maria Ferante-Schepis SOA Land This Plane Executive Summary