Tuesday General Session

It's Not Me, It's You; A Consumer View on LTCI

Did   you   ever   wonder   why   a   problem   as   big   as   the   looming   long   term   care   crisis   doesn't   create   more   consumer   demand for   LTCI   ?   Did   you   ever   think   that   they'd   take   more   action   if   "   they   only   knew"?   Did   you   ever,   in   a   private   moment,   label consumers   "uneducated"   or   even   dense   for   not   taking   action   or   understanding   the   value   of   their   contract?   If   so,   this interactive   session   will   take   a   fresh   look   and   focus   on   a   new   understanding   and   approach.   Behavioral   economist   Jeremy Pincus   and   Consumer   insight   expert   Luisa   Uriarte   will   deliver   new   insightful   information   which   has   implications   for product   design,   sales/marketing,   technology,   operations,   compliance,   alternate   solutions,   claims   and   customer   service. Join    us    and    see    how    by    understanding    consumer    psychology,    perceptions    and    expectations,    we    can    see    results significantly improve. This General Session is open to all tracks! When: Tuesday, March 15 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm Speakers: Jeremy    D.    Pincus,    Ph.D. ,     Principal    at    Forbes/Copernicus,    has    20    years    of    experience    as    an industry   leader   in   long   term   care   product   design,   competitive   and   regulatory   analysis,   and   market research   with   consumers   and   stakeholders.   Before   coming   to   Forbes,   he   served   for   6   years   as Director   of   Research   &   Product   Development   for   the   Long-Term   Care   division   of   John   Hancock Financial   Services,   where   he   directed   the   company’s   joint   research   program   with   the   National Council   on   the   Aging.   He   is   a   Fellow   of   the   Employee   Benefit   Research   Institute,   was   one   of   five named   to   the   2008   LTC   Power   List   by   Senior   Market   Advisor   magazine,   and   was   named   Marketing Researcher   of   the   Year   for   2011-2012   by   the   Pharmaceutical   Marketing   Research   Group.   He   has provided   product   development,   market   analysis,   and   marketing   research   services   to   the   industry   and   to   the   federal government   on   a   wide   range   of   long   term   care   engagements   including   the   following:   -   Served   on   the   U.S.   Office   of Personnel   Management’s   panel   of   long-term   care   experts   at   the   inception   of   the   Federal   Long-Term   Care   Insurance Program   -   Analyzed   the   market   position   and   competitiveness   of   the   Federal   Long-Term   Care   Insurance   Program   under contract    with    the    U.S.    Office    of    Personnel    Management    (with    Booz,    Allen,    Hamilton)    -    Analyzed    factors    influencing employer   sponsorship   of   and   employee   participation   in   employer-sponsored   long-term   care   plans   for   EBRI   -   Provided technical   assistance   to   the   US   Department   of   Health   &   Human   Services   in   development   of   the   CLASS   program,   as   part   of PPACA   implementation   -   Advised   the   National   Commission   for   Quality   Long-Term   Care   on   the   state   of   the   private   LTC insurance   market   -   Served   as   an   expert   panelist   on   the   Own   Your   Future   long-term   care   awareness   campaign   being coordinated   by   the   US   Department   of   Health   &   Human   Services   -   Served   as   the   lead   Market   Segment   Analyst   for   the   US Department   of   Health   &   Human   Services   under   the   long-term   care   awareness   campaign   -   Analyzed   the   state   of   the   LTC insurance    market    for    three    different    private    equity    firms    to    inform    acquisition    decisions    -    Created    a    multi-sponsor consumer   segmentation   of   the   market   for   LTC   insurance   used   by   MetLife,   John   Hancock,   Genworth,   Bankers   Life   & Casualty,   State   Farm,   Prudential,   and   Mutual   of   Omaha   -   Conducted   a   multi-sponsor   segment-based   messaging   study   for MetLife,   John   Hancock,   Mutual   of   Omaha,   and   Prudential   -   Conducted   product   development   work   (qualitative,   discrete choice,   and   pricing)   for   MetLife   and   John   Hancock   -   Conducted   multi-sponsor   study   of   physician   behavior   in   diagnosis   of pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias for three major carriers. Luisa   Uriarte    is   a   researcher,   an   innovation   (Ring)leader   and   a   writer.   She   is   responsible   for overseeing    innovation    projects    and    has    over    20    years    of    experience    in    leading    research engagements    of    international    scope,    covering    more    than    30    countries    worldwide.    Formerly serving    in    leadership    roles    at    Markitecture,    Copernicus    and    Yankelovich    Partners,    Luisa    has directed   a   wide   range   of   segmentation,   new   product   development,   public   relations   and   public polling   studies   for   multinational   clients.   She   holds   a   Bachelor   of   Science   in   International   Affairs from   Georgetown’s   School   of   Foreign   Service   and   speaks   Spanish   and   Chinese   fluently.   She   is   also co-author of the book Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox.