Conference Presentations

Actuarial Actuarial Systems Implementation/Change Management Data Analytics/Predictive Modeling Seminar Part 1 Data Analytics/Predictive Modeling Seminar Part 2 Data Analytics/Predictive Modeling Seminar Part 3 Developing LTC Actuaries Future of LTC Pricing Opportunities From Emerging Demographic and Attitudinal Trends Rate Increase Potpourri Stochastic Modeling Alternative Solutions Alternative Finance Proposals - Part 1 Alternative Finance Proposals - Part 2 Beyond Traditional Stand-alone LTCI: New Opportunities; New Products Lifestage LTC Product New Research on LTCI Thought Leaders Forum What Role Should Informal Caregivers Play in Alternative Solutions Claims & Underwriting 1+1≠2, the Challenges of Underwriting Combo Life-LTC Policies Claim Standardization & Auto-Adjudication Developing Adjudicators: Clinical vs. Non-Clinical Initial Adjudication of Cognitive Claims LTC Claims Fraud - Hindsight is 20/20 Medical Directors’ Forum – Musculoskeletal Disease Case Studies POC: Easy as 1,2,3 Combination Products Combo Product Concepts for the Mid-Market Combo Products – Open Kimono Company & Distributor Strategies to Integrate Combo Products in Daily Activity Comparing the Relative Value of LTC Insurance Solutions Traditional VS Linked Benefits….A Showdown at the Alamo What's on the Minds of Combo Product Thought Leaders? Finance, Management & Operations CFO Roundtable Eye of the Beholder – Experience the View from Your Customer’s Perspective LTC Policyholder Wellness and Claim Improvement Initiatives LTC Risk Management, Auditing and Financial Controls To Move or Not to Move Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Anatomy of a Rate Increase How To Get Out From Between the Rock & the Hard Place - Paradoxes in Law Litigation Update Market Conduct Exams Navigating Regulatory Issues Privacy The Interstate Compact Marketing, Sales & Distribution Post-Sale Marketing Public Awareness and LTCI Selling LTCI Tomorrow - The Future of the LTCI Transaction The Advent of Inbound Permission-based Marketing: Education vs. Advertising Technology Big Data Analytics eSignature Mobile and Point of Sales Tools Trends The Future and Challenges of LTC eApp