Track Mission Statements

Actuarial The actuarial track is focused on ideas and techniques that enable actuaries to shape emerging practices in long- term care.  The track will cover aspects of actuarial work from product development, data analytics, pricing, valuation, financial reporting, and inforce block management. Alternative Solutions The Alternative Solutions track focuses on creative options and alternatives to traditional stand-alone private LTC insurance in order to best address the risks and costs of long term care.  This track takes into consideration various approaches for an alliance between the public and private sectors in finding solutions for the catastrophic long term care risks facing society.  The track explores new ways to both lessen the costs borne by federal and state governments and expand the potential for private financial protection for those who can afford it.  Critical emerging issues impacting long term care finance and delivery, including new research of relevance to our industry, also fall within the purview of the Alternatives Solutions track.    Claims & Underwriting The claims and underwriting track will focus on innovative and emerging trends in risk management and will motivate attendees to assume a more strategic role in moving the industry forward.  The sessions will provoke discussion around using new tools and thinking outside the box to improve underwriting and claims processes, the customer experience and product performance.  Combination Products The Combination Products Track will feature sessions that address many aspects of this fastest growing segment of the LTCI market.  Topics will include product development, pricing, marketing and sales, administration, underwriting, risk management, financial reporting and reserving as they pertain to combination products.  Combination products are life or annuity products that feature long-term care or chronic illness benefits. Finance/Management/Operations The Finance, Management and Operations track focuses on educating senior leaders of LTC insurance businesses of the latest trends in the management of LTC operations, with particular emphasis on the optimal deployment of people, processes and technology platforms to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Legal/Regulatory/Compliance Long-term care insurance is among the most highly regulated products in existence.  Knowing and complying with the evolving regulatory landscape is a critical function for everyone in the industry.  Further, legal issues such as fraud and high stakes class action litigation are on the rise and pose a significant threat.  This track examines the legal, regulatory and compliance issues facing the industry and the practices necessary to mitigate risk. Marketing/ Sales/Distribution The Marketing Track will focus on the promotion of all facets of long term care insurance.  This track includes participants from home office, brokerage and direct to consumer marketing teams.  The goal of the track is to bring forth new concepts and strategies for increasing awareness, distribution penetration and ultimately sales of long term care solutions.  Some of the mediums to consider will be website, social media, print and telephonic campaigns to name a few. Technology The Technology track focuses on analyzing the challenges within our industry across all tracks and searches for solutions; both internally and externally.  The track will also include educating on technology trends, new technologies and leveraging technology for process improvement. Our goal is to bring forth leaders and new concepts to help pave the way to make our companies more efficient and effective; which ultimately helps all of our bottom lines.