2016 ILTCI Predictive Modeling Workshop

The first-ever LTC Predictive Modeling workshop will be held this year in conjunction with the ILTCI. It is a hands-on seminar in which participants will connect their laptops to external servers containing software and LTC data and actually do predictive analytics. The workshop consists of 3 different parts – before, during, and after the conference – and will cost $99 to participate. Participants are expected to attend all 3 parts of the workshop. Part 1:  •         Sunday March 13th •         1.5 Hours          •         3:30pm – 5pm (immediately following the Think Tank session) •         Background to predictive modeling and preliminary analyses •         Ensure that participants are able to connect to servers on which software to be used in Wednesday’s 4-hour session will be run Part 2:  •         Monday March 14th 3:45-5pm •         1.25 Hours •         ILTCI Session, Actuarial Track, Predictive Modeling •         General discussion of predictive modeling, including applications to LTC morbidity Part 3: •         Wednesday March 16th 12:00pm - 4pm •         4 hour workshop session + 1 optional additional hour for Q&A •         Following the Professionalism Seminar •         Use real LTC data and user-friendly software (Emblem) to fit a predictive model of claims incidence By completing this workshop the participant can expect to: •         Develop an understanding of the basics of predictive modeling •         Personally fit a predictive model to LTC incidence data •         Establish a network of like-minded LTC predictive modelers through meeting peers and trainers in the workshop Participants will need to sign the following waiver before the start of the course: I understand that certain proprietary Towers Watson software and related materials will be made available to session participants.  Such software and materials are provided solely for demonstration purposes, and may not be used by me for any other purpose or shared by me with any other party.