March 26 - 29, 2017 - Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville, Florida

About Us

The   Intercompany   Long   Term   Care   Insurance   Conference   Association,   Inc.   (ILTCI)   is   a   non-profit,   tax-exempt,   educational,   public   benefit   corporation and   is   not   organized   for   the   private   gain   of   any   person.   It   is   organized   under   the   Nonprofit   Public   Benefit   Corporation   Law   for   public   and   charitable purposes.            The   vision   of   the   ILTCI   is   to   create   an   environment   for   aging   in   America   that   includes   thoughtful,   informed   planning   that   takes   into account the most effective and efficient use of resources in addressing the risks and costs of long term care for all levels of American society.    The ILTCI was formed to:     Provide   educational   events,   including   an   annual   conference,   for   representatives   of   the   long   term   care   insurance   community   and   other strategic   allies,   including   providers,   public   policy   institutions,   professional   organizations,   federal,   state,   and   local   government   agencies,   and   the public.   Provide   a   network   and   opportunities   through   which   persons   with   an   interest   in   long   term   care,   long   term   care   insurance,   or   long   term   care financing,    can    communicate    and    share    information    about    skills    and    skill    development,    current    and/or    proposed    methodology,    tools, technology, and organizational issues. Increase public awareness of long term care needs and financing options. Foster research, reports, meetings, and workshops addressing funding mechanisms for long term care services. Foster   alliances   between   public   and   private   sectors   to   seek   solutions   for   the   catastrophic   long   term   care   risks   facing   American   society   and   to lessen the costs borne by federal and state governments under current funding mechanisms. Foster   alliances   between   public   and   private   sectors   to   help   educate   the   American   public   on   the   nature   of   long   term   care   risks   and   their financial implications.
17th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference Navigating the Future