March 26 - 29, 2017 - Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville, Florida
17th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference Navigating the Future

2017 ILTCI Predictive Modeling Workshop

About the Workshop The    Predictive    Modeling    Workshop    will    continue    this    year    at    the    2017    ILTCI    in Jacksonville,   Florida.   We   had   a   very   successful   2016   workshop,   and   we’re   excited   to build upon that education! How to Register for the Workshop Registration   for   the   2017   Predictive   Modeling   Workshop   will   be   done   through   the conference   registrations   site.   So   as   you   register   for   the   conference   you   will   select   it from   the   activities   and   pay   the   $99   fee   online.   We   expect   registration   to   open   in   late November/Early December. Using R programming As   we   did   last   year,   this   is   a   hands-on   workshop   where   participants   will   actually   do predictive    analytics.    This    year    participants    will    be    asked    to    download    the    open- source,   free   R   software,   and   we   will   work   on   our   own   laptops   to   complete   the workshop   exercises.   What   this   means   is   that   following   the   workshop,   participants will   have   the   tools   already   on   their   machines,   and   can   use   R   in   their   home   office. Your predictive modeling journey can continue after the ILTCI. Workshop Structure The   workshop   will   be   held   all   day   on   Wednesday,   March   29,   2017.   The   workshop   will cost   $99   to   participate.   The   workshop   leaders   will   be   available   for   “office   hours”   on the    Sunday    of    the    conference,    to    answer    questions    and    talk    about    how    fun predictive modeling really is. Homework prior to the ILTCI Learning   R   is   not   something   that   can   be   done   in   a   matter   of   minutes,   and   will   take some   time   to   get   up   to   speed.   All   participants   in   the   workshop   are   required   to complete   the   homework   laid   out   here.   Completing   this   pre-work   will   ensure   that participants     have     a     very     successful     workshop,     and     walk     away     with     a     full understanding   of   how   they   can   apply   predictive   modeling   in   their   home   office.   In addition,   there   is   a   discussion   area   facilitated   on   the   Actuarial   Outpost   board   here. We   welcome   you   to   join   the   conversation   online   in   the   weeks   leading   up   to   the conference. Please see the Pre-Workshop Homework and Resources section to the right ->