March 26 - 29, 2017 - Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville, Florida
17th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference Navigating the Future

Breakout Session Presentations

Actuarial & Finance Actuarial LTC Regulator Roundtable Addressing Long-Term Care Around the World Hedging Long Term Care Liability and Asset Risks Points-to-Ponder - Valuation Practical Applications of Predictive Analytics - Gordon - Murzdeck Pricing and Assumption Considerations Rating Agency Review The Spectrum of LTC First-Principle Models Alternative Solutions Emerging Medical Protocols + New Technologies = A New Formula for Future LTC Finding LTSS: New Options or New Confusions for Consumers Innovative Finance & Claims Management LTC Think Tank Innovations- Exploring Possibilities for Improving LTC Financials Public Catastrophic LTC Washington State Initiative Who Buys LTCI Claims & Underwriting Claims Accuracy Cognitive Testing Tools – Compare and Contrast Grey areas and borderline decisions around claimant and provider eligibility Quality Review… Who? What? When? Why? and How much? State of the Industry and How it Plays Into the Role of Underwriting & Claims Stump the Chump – Ask the Medical Director Technology and the Customer Experience Combination Products Roads to a Successful Entry into the Life/LTC Hybrid Market The Muddle in the Middle Thought Leadership/CEO Roundtable What keeps chief risk officers up at night for combination products? What’s going on in the annuity/LTC combination product market? Where do we think underwriting is headed for combination product? Legal, Compliance & Regulatory APC Procedures and Policy Language Best Practices Litigation Update Long Term Care Insurance – A Conversation with Executive Regulators Paradoxes in Law Rate Increase Tips and Tactics The Risk Management of Product Design Management, Operations & Technology A Tale of Two Systems: Years Leading up to LTC Insurance Workflow Revolution Investing in Operations: When is Enough, Enough? Is there Only One Way to Operationalize an Inforce Rate Increase? Partnership between Analytics and LTC Operations: Tools and Rules to Improve Robots, Exoskeletons, and Smart Homes: LTCI in a World of Assistive Technology - Pt 1 & Pt 2 What Do They Know That You Don’t? Marketing & Distribution Emerging & Underserved Markets Home Office Marketing Leading Thru Change Linked Benefits - Opportunities & Challenges Long-Term Care Planning for People Who Failed to Plan Technology to Grow Your Business