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If you’d like to learn more about LTCG contact:

Denise Liston, Senior Vice President – 781-514-3904

LTCG is the leading provider of administrative solutions and clinical services to the long term care and life insurance industry, with over two decades of experience. As the largest third-party administrator and claims payer, LTCG serves all of the top 10 insurers and manages over 1.4 million policies and 65,000 claims. The company addresses all types of customer needs and requirements via its end-to-end administrative solution—from policy administration and underwriting of new business to claims and care management. LTCG also provides insurers with accurate, reliable data that drives more informed underwriting and claims decisions via its comprehensive health and cognitive assessments. Alongside these services, the company actively partners with clients by offering actuarial and clinical consulting intelligence designed to help them anticipate trends, better predict risk and navigate a dynamic industry landscape.


LTCG has developed a number of industry-first innovations including fraud detection and mitigation services, electronic visit verification, white-labeled policyholder portals and provider networks as well as fall prevention and wellness programs. Together, these solutions help insurers reduce costs and manage their risk exposure while improving the overall customer experience across every touchpoint.

Please join our virtual booth for demonstrations of our exciting digital platforms!;

Demo of platforms below from 10:00am -10:30am ET.

Online Open Booth hours from 10:30am-12pm ET.

  • PolicyHub: the LTC industry’s first self-service portal for policyholders where users can manage their policy, premiums, and claims
  • Caregiver Advocate: online portal of wellness and aging-in-place resources including features such as finding care providers, cost of care, and partner affiliates to help individuals age independently
  • WhatCareCosts: interactive sales tool highlighting Cost of Care information throughout the U.S.
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