Welcome! The   16th   Annual   ILTCI   Conference   will   be   held   at   the   Grand   Hyatt   in   San   Antonio,   TX,   March   13-16,   2016.      Keep   checking back,   as   we   lock   in   a   schedule,   sessions,   our   keynote,   and   other   important   conference   details   we’ll   be   announcing   them here    on    the    site.    Some    important    notes    for    now:    Exhibitor    &    Sponsors    applications    are    now    being    accepted! Registration   will   be   opening   soon   with   Early   Bird   discounts,   which   will   only   run   through   December   17th,   2015.   For   those who   need   to   pay   for   registrations   in   2016   for   budget   reasons   you   will   be   able   to   select   ‘pay   by   check’   when   registering so that you can take advantage of the Early Bird savings, and then pay in January 2016.
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