Track Mission Statements

Below you will find information on the various tracks which will present educational breakout sessions at this year’s conference.


Actuarial & Finance

The Actuarial and Finance track will provide education on current and emerging issues and opportunities in the LTC insurance space, with the goals of cultivating innovation and dialogue between the actuaries and finance professionals.


Advisors, Agents & Agencies

This track of interactive sessions and workshops is dedicated to providing meaningful content, actionable tips, and insights to help GROW YOUR PRACTICE. The sessions are created for advisors, by advisors, with the goal of presenting ideas and techniques that can be readily learned, integrated, and immediately provide solutions to meet the planning and funding care needs of clients.

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Aging in Place Solutions

The Aging in Place Solutions Track will explore innovative and emerging services and technologies that focus on identification, prevention, mitigation, management of chronic conditions as well as enabling and prolonging healthy aging in place. These include artificial intelligence and digital technologies that provide insights on policyholder’s long term care needs.  This track will also cover learnings found in the Health Care industry that can be leveraged in Long-Term Care pilots as well as learnings shared from recent Long Term Care Pilots and how they have been evaluated.   Additionally, new insights from predictive analytic models that use Bio metric and Social Determinants of Health data will be discussed.    The track will seek new ideas from outside the traditional long-term care insurance environment with a focus on the intersection between education, technology, regulations and new ventures.

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Claims & Underwriting

The track’s mission is to focus on mitigating risk from both an Underwriting and Claims perspective.  We will highlight how to effectively manage identified risk, gain operational efficiencies, and improve the customer experience.  Sessions will provoke discussion around emerging trends inclusive of process and procedures across managing legacy Long-Term Care, Short-Term Care and Combination products.

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Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Long-term care insurance is among the most highly regulated products in existence, and there is much discussion taking place about whether the current regulatory framework needs to change to support the products of the future. Understanding the evolving regulatory landscape is a critical function for everyone in the industry. Complex legal issues such as fraud and high stakes class action litigation are on the rise and continue to pose significant threat. This track examines the legal, regulatory and compliance issues facing the industry and the practices necessary to mitigate risk

Management & Operations

The mission of the Management and Operations track is to engage senior leaders in the Long Term Care Insurance business and impart knowledge in the areas of strategy, technology and management fundamentals. Sessions are designed to appeal to a broad group of leadership including executive management, operations, legal, actuarial and finance.

Marketing & Research

 The Marketing & Research track will focus on how to foster long term sales growth across all individual and group long-term care funding solutions in light of current challenges and opportunities. Topics will include sales success stories, consumer insights, new strategies, untapped market segments, and emerging issues that will impact business development. Sessions will feature an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating issues in underwriting, legal, and compliance, as well as technology. The goal of the track will be to cultivate thought-provoking dialogue between participants and speakers from which best practices and innovative new ideas can be crowdsourced.

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