Actuarial & Finance Sessions

This track is proudly sponsored by Oliver Wyman.

The Actuarial and Finance track will provide education on current and emerging issues with the goals of cultivating innovation and dialogue between the actuaries and finance professionals.

ILTCI Opening Session

April 13th – 11am-12pm ET

How are you using technology to amplify human resources and ingenuity?  Are you ready to work with the next generation of sophisticated technology?  Is this the early dawn of a second renaissance? 

Thank you for joining the ILTCI Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Committee as we kick-off our 2021 Virtual Conference.  Our keynote speaker, sponsored by OneAmerica, will be ANDERS SÖRMAN-NILSSON global futurist and innovation strategist.  His insights pertaining to the past year and where we can go from here sets the tone for our 2021 Virtual Conference.

The Long Term Care Industry in a Post COVID-19 World

April 13th – 2-3pm ET

In this session, we will review shorter term impacts of COVID-19 and then pivot to speculation on longer term changes to the LTC industry due to COVID-19 and other economic factors (e.g. American Rescue Plan, $15 minimum wage, etc). Discussion will focus on impacts and risks associated with various actuarial assumptions that correspond to these changes.

Speakers: Rachel Erne (PwC), Nick Sheahon (Genworth), Juliet Spector (Moderator, Milliman)

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Modeling a Public Long-Term Care Program

April 13th – 3-4pm ET

This session will compare and contrast actuarial modeling of public LTSS programs to traditional private standalone and hybrid benefits. The panelists will use Washington’s LTSS Trust Program as a case study, providing background on the program as a whole, as well as on the methodology and assumptions used in performing feasibility and actuarial studies for the program.

Speakers: Eddie Armentrout (Actuarial Research Corporation), Chris Giese (Moderator, Milliman), Annie Gunnlaugsson (Milliman), Matt Smith (State of WA)

Practical Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for LTC Actuaries

April 20th – 3-4pm ET

This session will delve into applications of AI (artificial intelligence) and PA (Predictive analytics) that can improve assumptions and provide insights in the LTC space.  We will compare and contrast these applications with current approaches. 

 Our speakers will cover:

– How carriers can more quickly adopt predictive analytic methodologies and more easily overcome common barriers to the use of these methodologies. 

– How actuarial expertise, data science, and technology expertise can be combined and used to set actuarial assumptions. 

– An overview of methods for selecting and fitting model parameters, detecting improvement trends, working with smaller data sets, and validating projections.

– How to deliver impactful pre-claims interventions on at-risk populations by better understanding policyholder profiles, predicting their behaviors and targeting the right interventions.  

Speakers: Geoff Keast (Montoux), Patrick MacLyman (OliverWyman), Mike Rustemeyer (Moderator, OliverWyman), Erik Wenzel (Assured Allies)

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Exploring the Medical Symposium

April 22nd – 12-1pm ET

The 2020 Long-Term Care Medical Symposium aimed to provide the long-term care actuary with context for considering morbidity and other macro-environmental factors that may impact LTC experience in the long term. The Symposium focused on the ideas from experts outside of the LTCI industry for the explicit purpose of gathering fresh perspectives on the issues that LTCI companies face such as expected timing of new claims onset, length of claim, life expectancy and cost of care.

The 2020 Symposium included discussion on trends in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s, medical advances impacting LTC, the evolution of care delivery, and the role of technology. The impacts of COVID-19 was integrated as appropriate into all discussions. This session will include similar panelists for an interactive discussion and key learnings from the symposium.

Speakers: Dr. Victoria Braund (Northshore University Health System), Dr. Michael Mercury (Northwestern Medicine), Shawna Meyer (Moderator, GE)

Look What You Made Me Do – The Dilemma with Mortality and Morbidity Trends

April 22nd – 1-2pm ET

The panelists will present some key actuarial issues with trend assumptions, including consistency across assumptions, differences arising from modeling approaches, and the use of predictive models in discerning trends.

Speakers: Andy Dalton (Milliman), Laurel Kastrup (PwC), Bob Yee (Moderator, Assured Allies)

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LDTI and Regulatory Updates on LTC Standalone and Hybrid Products

April 22nd – 2-3pm ET

This session will cover both LDTI accounting changes and regulatory updates related to LTC and Hybrid products. We will use the first half of the session to go over the latest regulatory updates related to Hybrid products valuation and pricing. During the second half of the session, we will discuss how LDTI accounting changes impact LTC and Hybrid products, and considerations during implementation.

Speakers: Linda Chow (Moderator, Ernst & Young), Kevin Healy (New York Life), Doug Reilly (CNA)

The Changing World of Combination Products

April 27th – 2-3pm ET

This session will discuss what is new with combination products, including variations in product designs and what are the most popular products being sold today. In addition, this session will examine the tools and approaches producers use to compare combination products to both other combination products as well as to stand-alone products.

Speakers: Shawn Britt (Nationwide), Mohammad Reza (New York Life), Al Schmitz (Moderator, Miliman), Claude Thau (USA-BGA)

Risk Management as it Related to Actuarial Models

April 27th – 3-4pm ET

This session will discuss different implications from a risk and model validation perspective between claim cost models and first principle models, and key components of model validation under LDTI and implications for LTC. In addition, the session will discuss practical model governance and risk management considerations.

Speakers: Jennifer Caplin (PwC), Sisi Wu (Moderator, Genworth)

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Guaranty Association Considerations: Recent Developments & What You Need to Know

April 29th – 3-4pm ET

Join us for a roundtable discussion of guaranty association considerations with perspectives from a variety of stakeholders. People close to the issues will share their perspectives and insights and participate in an audience Q&A.

Speakers: Vince Bodnar (Moderator, OliverWyman), Ralph Donato (LTCG), Caryn Glawe (Faegre Drinker), Pamela Olsen (Pamela Epp Olsen Law)

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