Legal, Compliance, & Regulatory Sessions

Long-term care insurance is among the most highly regulated products in existence, and there is much discussion taking place about whether the current regulatory framework needs to change to support the products of the future. Understanding the evolving regulatory landscape is a critical function for everyone in the industry. Complex legal issues such as fraud and high stakes class action litigation are on the rise and continue to pose significant threat. This track examines the legal, regulatory and compliance issues facing the industry and the practices necessary to mitigate risk.

ILTCI Opening Session

April 13th – 11am-12pm ET

How are you using technology to amplify human resources and ingenuity?  Are you ready to work with the next generation of sophisticated technology?  Is this the early dawn of a second renaissance? 

Thank you for joining the ILTCI Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Committee as we kick-off our 2021 Virtual Conference.  Our keynote speaker, sponsored by OneAmerica, will be ANDERS SÖRMAN-NILSSON global futurist and innovation strategist.  His insights pertaining to the past year and where we can go from here sets the tone for our 2021 Virtual Conference.

Building a Compliant Organization: The Benefits of Effective Policies and Procedures

April 15th – 12-1pm ET

Building a compliant organization starts with a solid foundation built upon well written policies and procedures. Learn about the benefits of well written and well implemented policies and procedures, and how these policies and procedures can mitigate organizational risk. Panelists are industry experts and bring a diversity of perspectives to the discussion.

Speakers: Andy Baron (Lincoln Financial Group), Dan Koleos (Koleos Rosenberg McMahon), Philip Leverette (CNO Financial Group), Amanda Tenney (Moderator, Lincoln Financial Group)

Industry Best Practices on Common Terminology

April 15th – 1-2pm ET

The topic of the session is Industry Best Practices with Undefined Terminology. We will identify 3-6 notable Undefined Terminology references (final listing is TBD) and will identify how those items impact key business areas within a company.

Speakers: Rita Bennett (Lincoln Financial Group), Allison Brown (CNO Financial), Josh Falco (Moderator, Lincoln Financial Group), Matt Morton (LTCG), Mike Rafalko (Cozen O’Connor)

Fraud: Emerging Trends and Innovative Solutions

April 20th – 12-1pm ET

Fraud can wreak havoc on an organization and undermine business objectives. There is no business that is immune from the risks associated with fraud, and it is more important than ever to take every precaution possible to reduce exposure to financial loss, reputational damage and service interruption which are common consequences of fraud. Panelists will identify emerging trends and share insights into the world of fraud and exploitation with stories from the trenches and often overlooked prevention and mitigation strategies. How do you define success for your fraud mitigation program?

Speakers: Christie Conway (Assuricare), Kim Dionisio (Koleos Rosenberg McMahon), Jeff Ferrand (LTCG), Kimberly Martin (Moderator, Lincoln Financial Group)

The Claims, Compliance and Legal Challenges of CCRCs, Continuing Care Retirement Communities

April 20th – 1-2pm ET

Our presentation uses an actual claim presented to an LTC carrier for services provided in a CCRC. To explore the claims, compliance and legal issues involved in making an accurate decision, we will consider the claim as if incurred by a person receiving CCRC services in the issue state, Georgia, for a person receiving CCRC services in New York under the terms of the same policy issued in Georgia and for a person receiving CCRC services in California under the terms of the same policy issued in Georgia. We will use live polling to prompt interactive discussion about the clinical, contract, regulatory and legal questions to consider.

Speakers: Gina Besz (Triplus Services), Angie Forsell (Moderator, LTCG), Daniel Lambert, Kenneth Pfaehler (Dentons)

Litigation Update

April 22nd – 3-4pm ET

This year brought another year of claims and rate increase litigation in the long term care insurance sector. Although the incidence of litigation surrounding long term care insurance is still considerably lower than other lines of insurance, as the number of claims increase, the number of lawsuits do as well. This session will examine the most recent trends in long term care insurance litigation, and focus on the issues and legal principles that are most commonly involved in current litigation.

Speakers: Sandy Jones (Moderator, Faegre Drinker), Amy Kline (Saul Ewing LLP), Angela Shire (MedAmerica)

Rate Increase Innovation: What’s Next in Mitigation, Communication & Implementation

April 27th – 2-3pm ET

Rate increases continue to be a necessary component of long term care insurance administration. As the need for rate increases has persisted, however, carriers and regulators have faced the continuing balancing act of servicing a primarily elderly client base while maintaining financial stability for blocks of long term care insurance. Increasingly, companies and regulators have looked at unusual and creative options that will permit rate increases, but allow policyholders mitigation options that might be suitable for them. This session will examine the current regulatory environment around rate increases and the options offered by carriers as part of the regulatory approval process.

Speakers: Ralph Donato (LTCG), Afik Gal (Assured Allies), Nolan Tully (Moderator, Faegre Drinker), Amanda Weaver (John Hancock), Kristen Weil (Dentons)

The WISH Act:  Addressing the Financing and Regulatory Needs Within LTC Public/Private Solutions

April 27th – 3-4pm ET

This session will discuss the implications of a proposed federal catastrophic long-term care program, the WISH Act.  The session will focus on the benefit to consumers, the financial soundness of the proposed program and the regulatory steps necessary to achieve the desired public/private insurance program goals. 

Speakers: Peggy Hauser (PwC), Steve Schoonveld (Moderator, Lincoln Financial Group), Tom Suozzi (NY State)

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