Aging in Place Tech Showcase

3:30pm - 5:30pm | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Aging in Place Tech Showcase will highlight new and innovative technologies that look to solve some of the biggest challenges in long-term care.  In this rapid-fire format, companies across the care spectrum will present how they are managing care, changing the way we age in place, and using technology driven solutions to address the needs of a rapidly aging society.


CareValidate is a care validation company and the creator of SafeLight, the life-saving light bulb for seniors. Backed by VC funding, CareValidate is the first company ever to bring care validation to the seniorcare market.

Since founding CareValidate in 2018, our team has been committed to improving the safety and security of older adults, living at home or in seniorcare institutions anywhere in the world, and delivering peace of mind to their caregivers.

We have built CareValidate for our own parents and grandparents – and for yours


Helpsy Health

While Helpsy is focused on getting people to live their best quality of life, we believe that this should be enabled by using evidence-based modalities. Clinical evidence plays an important role in shaping our product starting from incorporating ranking of therapies in our search algorithm to assembling recommendations in our databases. In order to help expand the pipeline of research in integrative medicine, we are enabling practitioners to conduct their own research studies using our platform.

At the heart of our business is the goal to help people reach their peak performance or live their best quality of life. To achieve this goal, we believe that when people need treatment for a condition, it is often a multifaceted need. So we provide people with access to a licensed providers from different healing modalities to help them get the care they need to heal body and mind and achieve peak performance.

The habit we employ to bring the head and heart together is that of orchestration. We want to facilitate the emergence of a new healthcare ecosystem by connecting experts, patients and centers using our platform.



Homethrive provides peace of mind for families with a variety of needs: from aging adults who want to maintain their health and independence to families who are overwhelmed by an aging loved one’s needs, especially when caregiving while working a full-time job.

Each Homethrive family gets their own personal social worker to help manage the physical, emotional, and logistical needs of a loved one aging at home. It’s more than a clinical relationship: we build trust and confidence so you and your family can live your best life.



Nonnatech’s patented technology identifies early signs of deterioration in health before more obvious physical symptoms begin to appear. Nonnatech’s solution extends a person’s longevity and improves their ability to continue living in their current living environment longer through the use of advanced analytics and unique monitoring capabilities. Nonnatech developed machine learning algorithms to identify worsening health conditions based on each person’s unique health data and associated environmental factors. This allows Nonnatech to become more accurate in its predictions, such as early detection of critical changes that indicate the worsening of a chronic condition(s) and identifying individuals who may be non-adherent with medications, at risk for falls or possibly developing an infection. These methods lead to earlier interventions and reduced unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital admissions and transfers to long-term care communities.



Seismic Clothing

Our Powered Clothing™ integrates discreet robotics, designed to help you move better by working in collaboration with your body to give you strength, stability, and power.

Lightweight, breathable and comfortable; our apparel enables wearers to overcome limitations and achieve their full physical potential. We start by keeping it simple, like getting dressed in the morning, but with a powerful processor and an integrated sensor matrix, our Powered Clothing™ is programmable, tailored to your body and your lifestyle.

At the core of our culture is a human-centered, biomechanics informed design approach. Our design and development team, a unique hybrid of engineering and apparel design like no other ever assembled, includes: fashion designers, biomechanists, data scientists, software engineers, physical therapists, and user experience designers, to name only a few.



Individualized and in-depth data gathering approach within a conversation. Acknowledging the needs of the family caregiver first. Identifying the right resources at the right time, second. Used by over 250+ organizations & 500+ care professionals, serving over 100,000+ family caregivers nationwide.



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