Marketing & Distribution Sessions

This track is proudly sponsored by Securian Financial.

The Marketing, Sales, and Distribution track will focus on how to foster long term sales growth across all individual and group long-term care funding solutions in light of current challenges and opportunities. Topics will include sales success stories, consumer insights, new strategies, untapped market segments, and emerging issues that will impact business development. Sessions will feature an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating issues in underwriting, legal, and compliance, as well as technology. The goal of the track will be to cultivate thought-provoking dialogue between participants and speakers from which best practices and innovative new ideas can be crowdsourced.

ILTCI Opening Session

April 13th – 11am-12pm ET

How are you using technology to amplify human resources and ingenuity?  Are you ready to work with the next generation of sophisticated technology?  Is this the early dawn of a second renaissance? 

Thank you for joining the ILTCI Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Committee as we kick-off our 2021 Virtual Conference.  Our keynote speaker, sponsored by OneAmerica, will be ANDERS SÖRMAN-NILSSON global futurist and innovation strategist.  His insights pertaining to the past year and where we can go from here sets the tone for our 2021 Virtual Conference.

The Good And The Bad Of The #1 Trend In The Life Insurance Industry

April 13th – 12-1pm ET

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You And Your Clients.

– #1 Trend Life Insurance Industry: LTC-Life Insurance Solutions
o LTC-Life Insurance Continuum
o LTC Riders
o Chronic Illness Riders
o The Risks with some Riders
o Critical Illness Riders
– How to Fish: Understanding what You’ve Sold and are Selling
– Regulation and Litigation
– Best Practices
– What’s Good and What’s Bad?

Speakers: Steve Cain (LTCI Partners), Ramona Neal (Living Benefit Review)

Building a Story Brand

April 13th – 1-2pm ET

When it comes to talking about their businesses, many people are so close to their products or services they don’t know where to start.

Join us on as author and industry-renowned speaker Mike McGlothlin, ChFC®, CLU®, CFP®, LUTCF® explains how financial professionals like you can clarify your message to generate leads, create more referrals or empower your sales team.

Mike is an expert in growth strategies for financial professionals of all levels and business models. As Executive Vice President of Retirement for Ash Brokerage, he leads 65 direct reports who have grown a business line 300% in the last 6 years and now is one of the largest wholesaling teams in the Brokerage General Agency space.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this webinar presentation:
• Understand and improve your marketing message
• Create campaigns that will drive more business
• Make your website work for you – not the other way around

Speakers: Chad Eyrich (Ash Brokerage), Mike McGlothlin

 No Recording available.

Long Term Care Marketing, a 360° View

April 20th – 12-1pm ET

Long Term Care Marketing, a 360o View—It’s no secret that the long-term care insurance industry has marketing challenges, from overcoming public perceptions to reaching consumers with messages that resonate and inspire action, it can prove difficult to cultivate quality leads. This panel will discuss proven marketing techniques for the current LTC product landscape.

Speakers: Claire Akin (Indigo Marketing Agency), Monica Breeding (Fig Marketing), Tom Riekse (Moderator, LTCI Partners)

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Tax Advantages of LTC Planning

April 20th – 1-2pm ET

Explore the tax treatment of premiums and benefits for traditional and linked benefit coverage in both the individual and business setting. We will examine the difference in treatment for life based solutions between the base policy and the LTC riders as well as employer-provided coverage. Payment of premiums from HSA accounts and retirement plans of retired public safety officers. Finally, the tax efficiency of IRC section 1035 exchanges will be analyzed.

Speakers: Shawn Britt (Nationwide), David Gresham (OneAmerica), Channing Schmidt (Securian Financial) 

Using Data to Enhance Sales and Secure Customer Relationships

April 27th – 12-1pm ET

Learn how data analytics and sound CRM processes can lead to enhanced sales and increased proficiencies in your marketing organization. Learn how data can lead to equitable solutions to retain clients and enhance customer relationships.

Speakers: Suzanne Carawan (NAIFA), Glenn Crawford (Signature Resources), Rebecca Dohrn (WebCE), Carroll Golden (Moderator, NAIFA), Ted Mekonnen (Every Income)

Who is Selling What? To Whom, How, and Why? Results of the National Survey

April 27th – 1-2pm ET

If you want to learn more about helping clients plan for Long-Term Care, you’re not going to want to miss this discussion. Join a discussion with two industry veterans partnered with consulting firm, Oliver Wyman and conducted the largest advisor-focused survey that our industry has seen in years. This survey, Who is Selling What? To Whom, How & Why? illuminates the factors most relevant in selling LTC Insurance (Traditional & Hybrid Life + LTC) today. Over 600 Insurance and Financial Advisors shared their opinions and attitudes about the ideal client profile, product perceptions, best practices in starting the LTC planning conversation, what messages resonate with clients and more.

Speakers: Barry Fisher (Ice Floe Consulting), Ronald Hagelman (Ice Floe Consulting), Liz Hoch (Oliver Wyman), Mike Smith (CPS Horizon)

This session proudly sponsored by CLTC – Certification for-Long Term Care


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