Session Details

Monday, March 21 - 8:30am - 10:30am - Keynote Speaker Anders Sörman-Nilsson

Anders Sörman-Nilsson (LLB / EMBA) is a global futurist and innovation strategist who helps leaders decode trends, decipher what’s next and turn provocative questions into proactive strategies. Visit the Keynote Speaker page for more info.

Monday, March 21 - 10:45am - 12:00pm - Breakout Sessions

Rate Increase Innovation: Past, Present and Future

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Pat Kinney

Speakers: John Hebig; Anju GuptaLavey; Tomasz Serbinowski; Alex Vichinsky

Premium rate increases are now commonplace for the LTC industry. Over the years, industry participants have developed new and innovative approaches to rate increases, attempting to address the concerns of companies, regulators, and insureds. This session will present the perspectives of insurance company representatives, actuarial consultants and regulators on the following topics:

  • What innovative rate increases approaches were offered in the past (that may be typical today)?
  • What new developments are being offered now?
  • What innovative approaches are likely to be offered in the near future?

Public LTC Financing Solutions – What’s Happening and What’s Missing

Actuarial & Finance

Producers: Jamala Arland; Hazel Gooding

Speakers: Jamala Arland; Todd Dixon; Stephanie Moench; Steve Schoonveld

This session will provide an update on existing long-term services and supports (LTSS) financing reform efforts, specifically the creation of public programs at both the state and federal levels. Panelists will address key components in creating and administering public LTSS programs, including financing, sustainability, structure, and various risk considerations. Additionally, participants will explore consumer perspectives and the concept of cultural competency, including how they should be considered in the context of the broader conversations.


Cut Through the Noise to Have Your Voice Heard

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Suzanne Carawan

Speakers: Christopher Gandy; Neil Himmelstein; Tom Michel; Roger Sims

Learn from a panel of successful producers how they utilize modern marketing methods to stand out from the competition and get their viewpoint across. Utilizing digital channels has made it easier than ever to go direct to consumers to provide education. The session will walk attendees through a variety of mediums that the panelists utilize including radio, podcasts, and social media to raise awareness and create a trusted relationship and rapport even before meeting one-to-one.


How Managed Care can Guide Long-Term Care: A Roundtable Discussion

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Robert Eaton

Speakers: Jay Bulot; Noreen Guanci; Maureen Lillis

Professionals in the long-term care, health care, and insurtech wellness industries discuss how LTC may be transformed using concepts and ideas from health care.


COVID Considerations

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Paula Johnson

Speakers: Jeff Ferrand; Paula Johnson; Sandy Jones; Micki Lockard

In this session we will review the many challenges COVID has created, from staffing issues, both internally and for the claimants, to underwriting, not to mention exception handling.


Navigating Speed-to-Market in a Dynamic World

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Andrew Baron

Speakers: Andrew Baron; Jan Graeber; Karen Schutter

Getting a product to market fast can be a competitive advantage.  Learn strategies and techniques to drive product filing efficiency. Industry leaders will share a diversity of perspectives


How do we make this easier?  Improving the process from start to finish

Marketing & Research

Producer: Matthew Hamann

Speakers: Matt Essick; Jim Gothers

Let’s face it, selling and buying a LTC insurance solution is not easy.  While the insurance industry is focused on process improvements on the Life Insurance side, what is happening with LTC?


Engaging with LTC Policyowners – More Than A Premium Statement!

Management & Operations

Producer: Matt Capell

Speakers: Colleen Dennis; Afik Gal

Many carriers are looking for ways to expand their touchpoints with policyholders in advance of claim.  In this session, we will explore how carriers are taking proactive steps to engage with policyholders through programs, tools, and other offerings that promote wellness and aging resources.

Monday, March 21 - 2:00pm - 3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

How IFRS 17 and US GAAP LDTI Make Financial Reporting Better

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Sisi Wu

Speakers: Laurel Kastrup; Sisi Wu; Haiyang Zhang

Both IFRS 17 and US GAAP LDTI will become effective on January 1st, 2023. With both the accounting standards aiming at standardizing insurance accounting to improve comparability and increase transparency, and to provide financial statement users with information they need to meaningfully understand the insurer’s financial position, performance and risk exposure, this session will discuss (1) how companies enhance their management reporting by utilizing new information available through the implementation of the accounting standards; (2) how companies are planning to address external reporting for items that are not specified in the guidance (for example, showing claim reserve rollforward) and their rationale; and (3) what companies’ focuses are in the last 9-12 months before the standards go live. The session will cover both hybrid LTC and stand-alone LTC products.


Runoff Blocks:  Is There an Endgame?

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Vince Bodnar

Speakers: Vince Bodnar; Noreen Guanci; Richard Newton; Luann Petrellis; John Sieb

A group of experts discuss various aspects of the state of LTC runoff blocks, including regulatory developments, restructuring, liability management, and managed care.

Publicly Funded LTC Programs – Agent/Advisor/Agencies’ Friend or Foe?

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Carroll Golden

Speakers: Diane Boyle; Roger Sims

This ‘interview’ format session will look at the effect and affect of publicly funded LTC programs. Topics will be gathered from agents/advisors/agencies at-large so our presenters can address issues that impact your business. There are always two sides to the equation and it’s important to maximize the positive and minimize the negative in amplifying our voice.


YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE: That’s Why Carriers are Piloting Wellness Programs

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Jodi Anatole

Speakers: Jodi Anatole; Andy Freedman; Dave Jacobs; Matthew Morton

This session will focus on designing a pilot program, communicating with policyholders and evaluating results to determine future strategies for your block.

During this session you will hear from several people who have been involved with wellness initiatives in the LTC industry and will share their insights on:  •Designing a program – it  can be as simple or complex as you make it •Communicating with policyholders: LTC policyholders are used to hearing from you regarding rate increases… how will you engage them in this new beneficial offering? •          Evaluating the Success of the Program: Management will ask how you will evaluate the results.  You need to establish Key Performance Indicators to show your results and drive your decision making


Hybrid Underwriting…can it be simplified?

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Jennifer Vey

Speakers: David Bidwell; Steve Cox; Jennifer Vey; John Watt

In this session we will review some of the results we have gathered in early years of underwriting the hybrid products to determine what we can learn and apply to improve the process.


Legal/Regulatory Considerations for LTC Premium Rate Sufficiency

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Josh Akbar

Speakers: Josh Akbar; Jan Graeber; Paul Hummer; Nolan Tully

This panel will cover legal and regulatory considerations relating to LTC premium rate sufficiency.  This will include an update on litigation and regulatory activity which bears on regulatory authority over the premium rate increase process.  The panel will also discuss ongoing NAIC workstreams relating to premium rate increases and reduced benefit offerings, and provide an overview of options being made available by both insurers and regulators to give policyholders more choices and flexibility at the time of a rate increase.


Long Term Care – A European Perspective

Management & Operations

Producer: Peter Goldstein

Speakers: Wilma de Bruijn; Frederik Fernhout

Population aging is a key common challenge to the sustainability of long-term care systems in Europe in the medium to longer-term perspective. With rising life expectancy, more people are likely to reach an age where declining physical and mental health make them dependent on help from others. At the same time, the pool of family carers is shrinking due to families having fewer children, rising female employment and increasing pensionable ages.

Whilst most European citizens are relying on their government to provide them with affordable long-term care of good quality, in particular home-care and community-based services, funding of these services becomes more problematic against a backdrop of aging population.  During his presentation, presenters will address how the partners of Eurapco, a friendly alliance of 8 independent mutual insurers in Europe, are currently tackling the challenges in long-term care.


The “Great Resurgence” of Group Long-Term Care

Marketing & Research

Producer: Steve Cain

Speakers: Denise Gott; Adam Ruder; Kevin Sypniewski

Discussion Highlights:

– Trends in the marketplace

– Overview of product solutions

– Implementation best practices

– Sales in the world of government intervention

– Distribution’s needs

– Case studies

– Q&A

Monday, March 21 - 3:45pm - 5:00pm - Breakout Sessions

Assumption Management

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Bruce Stahl

Speakers: Andrew Dalton; Roger Loomis; Matthew Morton; Janet Perrie; Bruce Stahl

Discussion around (1) sources of data, (2) method for identifying assumptions, (3) methods for testing sensitivity of assumptions, and (4) monitoring assumptions including process and frequency.  Emphasis is expected to be on (2) identifying assumptions given all the particular assumptions that are part of stand-alone and combination LTCI projections.

This session is sponsored by RGA

Which Kind of Chronic Illness Rider or LTC Solution Are You Selling?

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Ramona Neal

Speakers: MacKenzie Madsen; Ramona Neal; Michelle Prather

Are you selling Chronic Illness riders with up-front charges or with charges applied at acceleration? Are you selling qualified LTC riders? Are you selling asset-based products with an extension of LTC benefits? If you don’t know what you are selling, how can your clients know what they are buying?


The Evolving Regulatory & Filing Landscape

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Nolan Tully

Speakers: Afik Gal; Amy Kubanek; Nolan Tully; Amanda Weaver

The panel will discuss the regulatory issues implicated by wellness programs from various perspectives, with a focus on the issues that are most important to insurers, third party administrators and wellness program vendors.  The discussion will also cover recent developments and the NAIC around wellness programs, and expectations around the future regulatory environment around wellness and long term care insurance.


Claims Data Analytics and Straight Through Processing

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Char Hu

Speakers: Nicholas Easley; Aashish Jain; Andrew Ouimet

In this session we will explore the importance of and new technology that can assist in capturing data, not only for reporting but for process efficiencies that support straight through processing.


Risk Management for Recertifications

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Charles Jenkins

Speakers: Steven Brogan; Anne Ingoldsby; Charles Jenkins; Joan Stear

The session will focus on risk management methods/philosophies surrounding claim recertifications, with focus on the financial and legal risks associated with recerting and migrating claims.


Jury Duty

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Amanda Tenney

Speakers: Rita Bennett; Kim Dionisio; Sandy Jones; Steve Serfass; Steve Schoonveld; Karen Smyth

Sooner or later, every organization faces litigation to defend its policy language and claims practices. While litigation is an inevitable, there are steps an organization can take to mitigate the risk to the company. In this session the audience will play the role of the Jury, as the Panelists present a typical claim litigation scenario facing many insurers today. The Panelists are industry experts, with a diversity of experience as product, pricing, risk, and legal subject matter experts.


Managing in a Virtual World

Management & Operations

Producer: Joshua Falco

Speakers: Mary Miller; Julie Peterson; Sean Pivec; Sherry Smith

Looking for new ideas on how to engage and motivate your remote workforce?  This interactive session explores how to optimize your leadership style and adapt to employee needs when you can’t be in person.  Peers will share what has worked, and what hasn’t.


Attitudes and Realities about Long-Term Care: A Survey of Experts

Marketing & Research

Producer: Chris Orestis

Speakers: Tafa Jefferson; Chris Orestis; Bill Comfort

After surveying producers and consumers.  What do these findings tell us about what LTC solutions advisors are looking to sell to their clients, and what are consumers asking for in a LTC solution?  Does this align?

Tuesday, March 22 - 9:00am - 10:15am - Breakout Sessions

Combination Product Pricing in 2022

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Matt Winegar

Speakers: Seth Detert; Missy Gordon; Alex Yang

This session will focus on Life/LTC combination product pricing considerations in today’s modern world. Hear from a range of industry experts on topics including: assumption development, stochastic modeling, and underwriting innovations.

Helping Your Client With The Sandwich

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Mike Smith

Speakers: Mike Smith

This session will be a collaborative, audience participation case study. Collaborative learning is where a problem is presented and you and your peers jointly develop solutions. Not only are you hearing ideas and solutions, you’re sharing them. You’ll work with attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners, Insurance and Risk Management experts and perhaps talented experts you never considered.

Tom and Betty are in their late 50s with 3 kids, two in college and one a junior in high school. Tom’s Mom Helen is in her early 80s and is starting to show signs of cognitive decline. While Tom’s two siblings are promising to help out, it appears most of the “burden” will fall on Tom and Betty.

Your role will be discussing at your table of fellow attendees the advice you would give Tom and Betty to manage care of Helen, the kids, and an incredibly challenging work schedule.

A few days prior to the event you will receive a confirmation notice with more details for the case study. This will give you a little time to consider questions to ask and solutions you’d suggest.


The Death of Employer LTC has been Greatly Exaggerated!

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Kevin Sypniewski

Speakers: Donna Bowman; Tom Homrighausen; Kevin Sypniewski

Have the funeral? No! This session will focus on how LTC products (inclusive of Life with LTC rider) have evolved quickly and improved dramatically.   Technology has leaped the industry forward to support worksite/employer sales and now makes LTC workplace friendly.

The available enrollment platforms streamline the education and enrollment process from beginning to end and allows ongoing engagement as families realize the need, year after year.   Zoom is now universal and video production capabilities are available to all.  Acuity/Calendarly have delivered concierge, white glove engagement simple, easy and available to the masses.

Caregiving has been gaining traction over the last 3-5 years, COVID has accelerated employer awareness of the need for solutions and funding.  Many employers are unaware of today’s solutions to address the need for LTC and often the need for Permanent Life with LTC vs. traditional group term.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business and participate in the resurgence!


How Technology/AI can help Increase Engagement and Enhance Wellness Programs

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Rhett Wieland

Speakers: J Patrick Bewley; Shaun Mattion; Sanjay Mohan; Alex Tran

Join an industry leading panel of experts from Insurtech, Data Science, Consulting and Large Scale Wellness programs in an interactive session to discuss the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Technology as drivers of Digital Engagement and health outcomes.  In this session, panelists will highlight current examples of how AI is being used in Wellness settings to gain increased insight into at-risk individuals and how programs and solutions are deployed to mitigate that risk.

This session sponsored by MeetCaregivers


Improving the Customer Experience and Distinguishing your Brand

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Sharon Reed

Speakers: Matt Capell; Heather Deichler; Debbie Maas; Sharon Reed

Customers are expecting a concierge experience at both the underwriting and claim stages.   How do we balance the expectation of the customer with the ability to operationalize the process and gain/maintain efficiencies?


Leveraging Fraud Detection Capabilities

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Jane Bagley

Speakers: Jane Bagley; Geoff Camlin; Roy Christenson; Christina Newbrough; Stephen Dube

This panel will discuss a variety of fraud detection topics including (a) the use of digital data (including electronic visit verification (EVV)) in detection and in the course of an investigation, (b) predictive models and investigation, and (c) the human factor (the importance of nurturing a culture of awareness).


Wellness Programs – Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Considerations

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Mike Gugig

Speakers: Michael Hamilton; Kimberly Martin; Michael Rafalko

For years, health insurers have incentivized customers to stay healthy and offered benefits to help them do so. While the mutual benefit of staying healthy longer and reducing claim costs is clear, similar programs been challenging for LTC carriers.


Standardizing Re-Rate Communication Notifications

Management & Operations

Producer: Jennifer Jones

Speakers: Bridget Davis; Jennifer Jones; Shannen Logue; Andrea Say; Anna Van Fleet

With the increased reliance on rate increases across the industry, this session will include discussions on how carriers are communicating rate changes and alternatives to policyholders – and if there are opportunities to partner with regulators on consistent and standard messaging for our customers.


Do we have the set of products that meet the client’s & advisor planning need

Marketing & Research

Producer: Ramona Neal

Speakers: Alecia Barnette; Rick Kupetsky; Ramona Neal

We will examine current market trends, review solutions available in the marketplace, and discuss suitability and implantation of these products.

Tuesday, March 22 - 10:45am - 12:00pm - Breakout Sessions

How Demography, Insurtech, & Advanced Analytics will drive the future of LTC

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Robert Eaton

Speakers: Ali Ahmadi; Joe Long; Shawna Meyer

Insurtech companies are changing the way long-term care is delivered, and using advanced analytics to improve the quality and efficiency of care. Demography plays a critical role in future long-term care as this shapes the economics that determine cost of care and LTC benefit utilization. This roundtable discussion follows these three trends to comment on the broader prospects of LTC care delivery.


BIG DATA –  Predictive Analysis Based on Bio Metric & Social Determinants

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Robin Devine

Speakers: Carol Barbour; Andrew Dalton; Robin Devine; Andrew Goldberg; Michael Hughes

This session explores how Decision Science tackles the challenges LTCI carriers face today through a powerful combination of sophisticated AI technology and privacy-protected, patient-centric data including social determinants of health prescription drug profiles and broadscale clinical healthcare data from decades of experience. By leveraging Decision Science effectively, carriers can better understand the current and future journeys of their policy holders, identify and quantify effective interventions, and develop successful wellness management programs to help them age independently at home.


ABCs of Claim Management

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Gina Besz

Speakers: Gina Besz; Michelle Bongiovanni; Shelly Leshko

In this session we will review varying methods for handling claim processes. From Intake to decision making, there is more than one way to set up a claims department.


LTC and Reinsurance: Legal, Regulatory and Operational Considerations

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Caryn Glawe

Speakers: Winona Berdine; Tim Bischof; Caryn Glawe; Commissioner Scott White

The panel will provide an overview of the basics of reinsurance and discuss legal, regulatory and operational considerations for LTCI reinsurance transactions.  Panelists will draw upon their own experiences and reflect on the current reinsurance market for LTCI.


Public Options: Imagining a Public and Private Partnership

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Christopher Petillo

Speakers: Christopher Petillo; Al Schmitz; Steve Schoonveld

What benefits should public options provide?  What is the ideal role of private insurers in a public option world?  This session will build on prior sessions in this series as we attempt to answer these questions with a strong eye toward achieving the ideal public-private relationship. With input from the audience, we will help conceptualize the ideal partnership and identify the key legal and policy issues standing in the way of a strong public/private collaboration.


Building a Culture of Compliance

Management & Operations

Producer: Kimberly Martin

Speakers: Steve Harris; Loretta Jacobs; Kimberly Martin

A strong culture of compliance starts with leadership, but doesn’t end there.  In this session industry leaders will share best practices for infusing ethics into your long-term care organization.  We will cover topics such as: setting the tone from the top, engaging employees in the dialogue and incentivizing doing the right thing.


Claims Technology of the Future

Management & Operations

Producer: Christina Newbrough

Speakers: Matt Capell; Eric Corum; ; John Jacobs; Christina Newbrough; Rhett Wieland

AI, IA, OCR, API, BPO/M, RPA – what’s in an acronym? Join this session to learn how carriers, TPAs, and others are applying the latest digital technologies to improve their claim handling capabilities.


BGA Leadership Roundtable

Marketing & Research

Producer: Craig Roers

Speakers: Tom Riekse; Craig Roers; Rick Stewart

Hear from a leaders within the BGA marketplace; their perspective of what is working or not in our business, plus their view on the future of LTC planning.

Tuesday, March 22 - 2:00pm - 3:15pm - Breakout Sessions

LTC System Conversion Considerations

Actuarial & Finance

Producer: Jeremy Williams

Speakers: Janine Halldorson; Matt Klaus; Ramandeep Nagi; Jeremy Williams

Change is all around us!  More than ever, companies are experiencing pressure to implement new and more advanced models.  In this session, we will highlight key considerations, insights, and best practices based on a wide range of LTC system conversions.  Join us as our panel delves into learnings related to (1) Long Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) system implementation, (2) first-principles modeling approach conversion, and (3) actuarial transformation and system automation.


LTC Sales Opportunities for the Affluent Client and Business Owner Market

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies – This session sponsored by Producers Choice Network; This track sponsored by OneAmerica & Retirement Genius

Producer: Carroll Golden

Speakers: Shawn Britt; Robert Eaton; Neil Himmelstein

Discussing LTC with affluent clients and business owners requires a customized approach. Join us to learn how set up LTC sales with business owners, and with affluent clients who are thinking of “self-insuring”.  We will also discuss what your CPA centers of influence may not know –  how the internal design of Hybrid (linked benefit) LTC policies,  LTC riders on life insurance and annuities, and Chronic Illness Riders can make a difference in meeting client’s planning needs.


How Medicare Programs can Preserve LTC Benefits and Improve Claimant Outcomes

Aging in Place Solutions

Producer: Monika Shvetz

Speakers: Andy Friedell; Char Hu; Tony Roth; Monika Shvetz; Karl Ulfers

Medicare offers enormous opportunity for Long Term Care claimants to extend the value of their LTC benefit by offsetting many expenses currently approved for CMS reimbursement.  This interactive session with representatives from several vendor programs will highlight how care coordination in the LTC space can leverage local community resources, and Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement codes, to expand services to LTC claimants while reducing costs for both the claimant and the Carrier.


Challenging Policy Provisions and Regulatory Requirements

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Michael Rafalko

Speakers: Lina Lassiter; Michael Rafalko; Angela Shire

In this session we will explore several challenges throughout the claim process such as independent caregivers, Waiver of Premium, Colorado Denial and California Tax Qualified regulations,  and Explanation of Benefits compliance across all states. (can swap out any policy provision/regulatory requirement).


Using Technology to Expedite Underwriting

Claims & Underwriting – This track sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Producer: Arlene Hendricks

Speakers: Arlene Hendricks; Ken Leibow; Andrew Ouimet; Jennifer Vey

With the growing use of technology, information is more readily available and efficient and effective use of that information is critical to future success.  In this session we will explore the use of technology such as predictive analytics and claims databases to assist in the underwriting process.  Join us for an interactive panel discussion where we will explore the growing use of technology in the underwriting process to provide a faster, easier and streamlined customer experience balanced with risk mitigation.


Information Privacy and Security – Emerging Issues and Best Practices

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Producer: Steven Brogan

Speakers: Steven Brogan; Daniel Gortze; Jana Landon

Information privacy and security remains a top priority affecting all organizations.  Join Jana Landon, Chief Privacy Officer at Lincoln Financial Group, and Daniel Gortze, Chief Information Security Officer at MIB, as they discuss compliance best practices and how existing and emerging privacy and security laws and recent enforcement affect the long-term care insurance industry.


Methods of Creating 30 Year LTC Projections & Assumptions

Management & Operations

Producer: Dennis Lu

Speakers: Dennis Lu; Matthew Morton; John Mulheren; Nicole Fisher; Thomas Pyle

Learn from a panel of Actuarial and Industry Experts on considerations, best practices, and even some pitfalls, on approaches they have used to create and justify long term projections and assumptions.


Distributing LTC in the World of Government Intervention

Marketing & Research

Producer: Noel Evans

Speakers: Noel Evans; Larry Nisenson; Mark Pellicano

How LTC can be Distributed better in the face of Govt Legislation- As WA state showed, even though comprehensive LTC reform has failed on the federal level, states can wield power and implement change with the stroke of a pen. This session will explore how distribution can be improved, how states can work with the industry to offer better solutions, and what’s on the horizon for 2022.

Tuesday, March 22 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm - Plug and Play LTC Innovators Invitational Challenge

Producer:  Karen Smyth

Judges: Jodi Anatole; Afik Gal; Char Hu; John Sieb; Alex Tran

Presenters: Nick Desai; Julie Donahue; Nathan Estrada; Gary German; Dave Jacobs; Wayne Pan; Michael Sentz; Randy Williams

“Wellness” is the current buzzword circulating with the long-term care industry.  Why?  Technology firms are developing approaches that could be used by insurance companies to potentially prevent or lower the severity of claims and improve health outcomes.  Many carriers have rolled out or are piloting such programs to measure and gage success.  Examples of these early interventions include fall prevention programs; home modification consultations, analysis and implementation to facilitate aging in place; caregiver support programs for both formal and informal caregivers; next generation care coordination services; and technological solutions aimed at improvements in cognitive impairment prevention and early diagnosis.  In light of systemic, LTC-related financial challenges, insurance companies, insurance regulators, and technology firms are interested in working together to explore some of these claim cost-reducing innovations.  The LTC Innovators Invitational Challenge will bring companies in the wellness arena together with a panel of judges to make their case as to why their product offering would benefit carriers managing these blocks of business – while competing for a cash prize!

Wednesday, March 23 - 9:00am - 12:00pm - SOA Professionalism Session: The Game Show Network

SOA Professionalism Session:  The Game Show Network

Join the Society of Actuaries in a closer look at professionalism, Actuarial Standards of Practice, and the Code of Conduct through our Game Show Network themed session.  SOA staff and key volunteers will present a wide variety of opportunities to learn more about professionalism through the lens of Long-Term Care products and practice situations.  Attendees will be part of the engagement and discussion and have an opportunity to give feedback on how to address actuarial work professionally in a fun and creative environment.  We look forward to you being part of our live studio audience at this session.

Case Study for 9am session

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