2024 Session Titles

Actuarial & Finance

Come Again? Providing Insight on LTC Results in a New GAAP World
Converting LTC Models and Setting LTC Assumptions: A Comprehensive Guide
De-risking Blocks: Reduced Benefit Options, Reinsurance, etc.
New Products: Latest Developments; “New” Ideas (e.g., Lifestage)
Next Gen: Designing Tomorrow’s Worksite Hybrids
Projecting the 5th decade of LTC insurance from its first 40 years
Regulatory Hot Topics
Through the Looking Glass – How Current Trends May Impact Future LTC Experience
Using Data Science Methods to Improve LTC Insurance Outcomes
What’s In It For Me? LTC Benefits and Actuarial Value

Advisors, Agents, and Agencies

Acquisitions & Industry Consolidation: Is it good for the industry? Why and w
Expanding the LTC Market
Mastering Modern Marketing – Creating a Marketing Plan You Can Follow
Serving New/Underserved Markets – Producers and Consumers
State Tax Mandates (like WA Cares): Selling LTC in the Absence of Legislation
The Winning Strategy – Building Sales Through Strategic Partnerships
Who pays what for Home Health Care (HHC)

Claims & Underwriting

Adult Protective Services Part 1
Adult Protective Services Part 2
Delivering World Class Service Through Straight Through Processing
Hybrid vs. Traditional claims
Leveraging AI as part of Fraud Detection and Investigation
Medical Director Round Table
ROB Part 2: The Results are In (Follow-up to the 2023 Session)
The Art of Field Underwriting
Transforming Quality Dementia Care

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Artificial Intelligence, Legal & Ethical Considerations
C.R.E.A.M. – Cash (Buyouts) Rule Everything Around Me
Fraud Litigation Debrief
Litigation Mitigation, Drafting & Administration Challenges & Opportunities
LTC Legislative Update
LTCI 101 Family Feud
LTCI Deposition Workshop Pt 1
LTCI Deposition Workshop Pt 2

Management & Operations

Enhancing Operations with AI Innovation
Return-To-Office – Who Wins the Debate?
Strategy Deployment Process (SDP): Your New Leadership and Management Process for Strategy Execution
The Art of Innovation and Problem Solving: Fostering Continuous Improvement in Teams
The Future of a Data Driven Organization: Expanding LTC Insights
The Future of Customer Engagement: Leveraging Speech Analytics for Call-Center Excellence
The Only Thing We Have to Change is Change Itself

Marketing, Engagement & Research

Can We Chat (GPT)? Using AI and Predictive Modeling to Engage with Customers
Caregiver Focus: Research Insights for Designing Compelling Engagement Campaigns
Engaging “Golden Years”Customers, why they matter and ways to earn their trus
Holistic Wellness Programs Engagement: What Does Success Look Like?
Inspiring Action – Culture and Capturing the Attention of Today’s Consumer
Knowledge is Power: How well do we know our LTC policyholders?
Personas to Personalization, Bringing Campaigns to “Life”
Workplace LTC? Ways Employers can communicate the value of LTC

Wellness & Aging in Place Solutions

AgeTech Collaborative from AARP™ Session with Industry Panel Discussion
Am I the only one facing this challenge? No…Collaboration is HAPPENING!
Election Year Showdown: Putting Wellness to the Test
Live Focus Group Session:  Engaging with Senior Seniors
Pt 1 – The Results Are In…Updated with Another Year of Program Experience!
Pt 2 – The Results Are In…Updated with Another Year of Program Experience!
Strategies for Fall Risk Management
Wellness Program Planning and Measurement 101

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