Advisors & Agents Sessions

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This track of interactive sessions and workshops is dedicated to providing meaningful content, actionable tips, and insights to help GROW YOUR PRACTICE. The sessions are created for advisors, by advisors, with the goal of presenting ideas and techniques that can be readily learned, integrated, and immediately provide solutions to meet the planning and funding care needs of clients.

ILTCI Opening Session

April 13th – 11am-12pm ET

How are you using technology to amplify human resources and ingenuity?  Are you ready to work with the next generation of sophisticated technology?  Is this the early dawn of a second renaissance? 

Thank you for joining the ILTCI Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Committee as we kick-off our 2021 Virtual Conference.  Our keynote speaker, sponsored by OneAmerica, will be ANDERS SÖRMAN-NILSSON global futurist and innovation strategist.  His insights pertaining to the past year and where we can go from here sets the tone for our 2021 Virtual Conference.

Specialist, Broker, or Advisor?

April 15th – 12-1pm ET

How do different distribution models present long term care solutions? Do you present LTC as an independent offering, as part of a holistic financial plan, or do you show other producers and advisors how to present LTC? Listen as a LTC Specialist, Insurance Broker, and Financial Advisor share how they discuss and position long term care solutions to their prospects and clients – both consumers (B2C) and other advisors (B2B). For advisors and carriers, this promises to be a session full of key learnings that will provide a better understanding of the different approaches to long term care sales and planning.

Speakers: Steve Elliott (Capstone), Brian Gordon (MAGA Ltd.), Jeff Levin (Moderator, OneAmerica), Patrick McAleer (Ameriprise Financial)

Changing Selling Techniques for Changing Times

April 15th – 1-2pm ET

Join successful women leaders and industry experts as they share their perspective on how to have a meaningful conversation on Long-Term Care planning in these changing and challenging times. Learn how they have led their businesses through our evolving times and what selling techniques or tools are working best in our current, virtual environment. Lastly, listen to best practices that will continue even after we return to a more face-to-face selling environment. This promises to be a session you will not want to miss!

Speakers: Alecia Barnette (Financial Independence Group), Bridget Collins (Moderator, OneAmerica), Denise Gott (ASCIA Partners), Angie Hughes (ProducersXL)

Critical Tools for Crisis Planning

April 20th – 2-3pm ET

This is an interactive session where you will walk through the critical planning process of creating a long-term care plan. This session will take an in-depth look at two aging women and what gaps they may face when it comes to aging with dignity and choice. This session will include worksheets that will leave you with the concrete steps to prepare your clients to ease the financial and legal confusion that comes with a long-term care crisis.

Speakers: Carroll Golden (Moderator, NAIFA), Beth Moss (Producers Choice Network), Cathy Sikorski

The Great Debates – LTC Riders on Life vs. Linked Benefit Solutions

April 22nd – 2-3pm ET

It’s a burning question for the industry: “What should we call this thing?” It took a few hundred years for scientists to figure out how to standardize terminology, so it is not surprising that there is some confusion on how to refer to combo products! There is a lot of jargon floating around and constant innovation that is moving the goalposts. This is a good problem to have, but we need to hash it out. Join us as we work through this great debate and determine some best practices for how to talk about the spectrum of combo products in a way that makes sense to advisors and consumers alike, and consider how to better frame the discussion to move the industry forward.

The 2020 Symposium included discussion on trends in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s, medical advances impacting LTC, the evolution of care delivery, and the role of technology. The impacts of COVID-19 was integrated as appropriate into all discussions. This session will include similar panelists for an interactive discussion and key learnings from the symposium.

Speakers: Shawn Britt (Nationwide), Heather Deichler (Lincoln Financial Group), Zack Derryberry (ACSIA Partners), David Soares (OneAmerica)

Mom’s Health is Starting to Decline

April 22nd – 3-4pm ET

Collaborative learning is where a problem is presented and you and your peers jointly develop solutions. Not only are you hearing ideas and solutions, you’re sharing them. You’ll work with attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners, Insurance and Risk Management experts and perhaps talented experts you never considered.

A few days prior to the event you will receive a confirmation notice with the case study. During the virtual event you’ll be randomly assigned to a breakout room and collaboratively your group will discuss concerns and develop solutions. Then we’ll bring it back together and openly share our findings.

This case study will tell the common story of Helen, a widow with three adult children scattered around. We start to see her health slip and you’re called in to help. What do you do??

Speakers: Mike Smith (Moderator, CPS Horizon Financial), Alex Ritter (Moderator, Baird Private Wealth Management)

Tools & Tech to Boost Productivity and Your Bottom Line

April 29th – 12-1pm ET

Technology is advancing faster than we adapt. Find out the latest apps, software and tech developments that can help you be more efficient, educate your clients, close business and run a more successful practice.

Speakers: Matt Essick (The Ensight “Tell A Story” Solution), Ken Leibow (InsurTech Express), Bill Nash (Lincoln Financial Group), Mike Pepe (Proformex)

Uninsurable Doesn’t Mean the End of the Sale/Relationship

April 29th – 1-2pm ET

Don’t lose a client, and by extension, the family of a client, who is uninsurable. There are services, products, and tools to use with clients at the point of need. Understand the options available for you to help your client see you as the problem solver and not as part of the problem. What role can Medicare play? Is the home the buffer asset to fund care and/or sustain premium and preserve the retirement portfolio? Is finding a service to help navigate necessary care needs the answer they want to hear?

Speakers: Carroll Golden (Moderator, NAIFA), Tafa Jefferson (Amada Senior Care), Shelley Giordano (Mutual of Omaha), Dan Mangus (Senior Marketing Specialists)

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